Walk the streets of Stillwater, MN, the 1848 Birthplace of Minnesota,  with a smart phone and WATCH HISTORY COME ALIVE via youtube podcasts that describes the site you are looking at while giving you a glimpse into Stillwater’s significant history.   Visit the podcasts at  .    Here is the list of videos you can watch and listen to:  Lowell Park, Lift Bridge, Freight House, Commander Mill, Joseph Wolf Brewery, Washington County Courthouse, National Guard Armory, Brunswick House, Post Office, Lowell Inn, Staples Sawmill, Warden’s House, Territorial Convention Site,  and the Lumberman’s Exchange.  More podcast videos are currently being completed and will be ready for viewing in 2014.   You can also pick up a Downtown Walking brochure with QR codes to guide you at most lodging facilities and at Alfresco Casual Living Shop on the corner of Nelson and Main.

Discover Stillwater