Stillwater Bridge Named Best View 2018

City Pages names the St. Croix Crossing Bridge Best View for 2018
From City Pages:
St. Croix Crossing begins on Highway 36 as you head east, leaving Oak Park Heights and soaring toward St. Joseph, Wisconsin. But unlike the imposing freeway bridges of yesteryear, the Minnesota Department of Transportation decided this one would be pedestrian- and bike-friendly. And so it is. The walkway soars 150 feet above the St. Croix River, a National Scenic Riverway. That designation has largely prevented the view from becoming an onslaught of business signs and billboards. Instead, you’re treated to a spectacular vine of blue running miles to the north, accompanied by dense green foliage that obscures most of the commercial development. The St. Croix is a state treasure, and the new bridge allows you to witness it in all its majesty, free of charge.

What great timing as the St. Croix river celebrates 50 years since being named a wild and scenic nationally protected river. Be sure to include a bike, walk, or segway tour across this bridge or a river cruise under to see the spectacular St. Croix River Valley views. A parking lot near Sunnyside Marina is currently under construction, but for now you can park along the water treatment plant frontage road at the Minnesota side base of the bridge. Eventually, there will be a 5 mile loop trail from downtown Stillwater over both the historic lift bridge and new St. Croix Crossing bridge to Wisconsin. For the 2018 season, about 3/4 is complete – find maps on our website. Bring your own bike, pack the camera, and stop to enjoy the three lookout points with historical information.

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