New Trolley Tour Themes

Hopping on the historic street cars of downtown Stillwater are a must to understand the story of the Historic Birthplace of Minnesota – what made Stillwater famous, why were there so many lumberjacks, and what beautiful architecture still stands today? Take the 45 minute narrated historic trolley tour right away when you get in town. This is will give you a feel for how it all began as well as the lay of the land and excellent views of downtown.

The Stillwater Trolley company has expanded recently to feature more themed tours from beer to books. In partnership with local companies, Stillwater Trolley is offering a craft beer progressive dinner tour including a Foodies on Foot culinary tour and Stillwater Lift Bridge Brewery Tour which promises to have actual beer brewers join you to share a little something about food/drink pairings. Tours begin today and run select Thursdays through September. Visit to book your tour. 

Next up on their new tour ideas is a Story Time Trolley ride for kids. Stillwater Trolley is partnering with Valley Bookseller to bring you a short ride, then a stop at Pioneer Park where an author/storyteller will read stories. Then it’s back to the bookstore for a snack. Sounds like a great way to encourage your children to read and explore one of Minnesota’s prettiest towns full of history. To reserve a spot for only $5 for your child, call Valley Bookseller at  651-430-3385. Story Time Trolley begins on June 7th at 10:30 am.

For more information or rent a signature trolley for a private event, visit or

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