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Let this carousel of culinary photos ignite your taste buds. Here are four downtown Stillwater, Minnesota restaurants with completely different vibes and a variety of menu items and drinks for you to scroll. With over 30 restaurants downtown, you are destined to crave Stillwater and discover a new favorite go-to spot for dining out. From breakfast to apps to linner (meal between lunch and dinner, yep it’s a thing) restaurants of the historic downtown district of Stillwater have your belly and thirst cravings covered. Where will you be dining next?

Crave Stillwater Cocktails from Lolito in Stillwater Minnesota, Photos by The Culinary Portfolio

Pre-party before live music with a dragon fruit infused hot pink margarita along side fresh hot salsa Verde dipped corn chips at Lolito or start your Sunday morning with a spicy bloody Mary and giant breakfast burrito at Oasis Cafe. Craving the tropics during the winter weather? Hurricanes filled with fruity rum flavors garnished with colorful edible flowers and a plethora of pineapple dishes welcome you at the The Tilted Tiki. Feeling a little retro? Escape to the classic diner days and take date night to a whole new level by sharing a banana split or strawberry malt with a burger and fries at Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop.

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112 Main Street N. Stillwater, MN 55082

Spread of dishes like chips and salsa, shrimp, cocunut soup, avocado chicken from Lolito restaurant in Stillwater Minnesota, photos by The Culinary Portfolio

Escape to a bright modern cantina with open kitchen concept as the chef’s and bartenders talents are always on display with authentic Mexican-inspired cuisine. Technically on the appetizer menu, the grilled Argentinian wild red shrimp at Lolito is such a delightful dish. Your skewer is laid on a tostada and covered with the colorful flavors of red tomatoes, chimichurri, avocado-serrano emulsion, fresh cilantro, and radishes.

Let us introduce you to Lady Glitter Sparkles recently named one of the best cocktails of the year by Twin Cities Pioneer Press readers. Get your bling on with this drink from Lolito mixing tequila, aperol, lemon, bergamot, and cava sparkling brut.

Are you a connoisseur of well written menus and clever drink names, then the “Easy lover” is your drink. A little smokey mezcal, blood orange, sour cherry, lime, pineapple, and orange crema come together for this beautiful beverage.

If you are craving something warm and to die for, let us suggest Lolito’s coconut soup with lobster. A little red chile kick stirred with fresh garlic, ginger, tomato, lime and coconut milk and this soup is sure to make you feel joy.

Prickly Pear Margerita staring tequila, curaçao, orange, Fresno, and lime. My goodness does this make you desire a carefully crafted spirit! If classic house margaritas are what you seek, the lime green glass is yours.

Keep up your New Year’s healthy habits with a protein packed avocado grilled chicken dish for your next lunch at Lolito who was named one of this year’s best restaurants by Minnesota Monthly.

Oasis Cafe

806 Main Street S. Stillwater, MN 55082

Breakfast dishes like huevos rancheros, corned beef hash, bloody mary, and breakfast burrito at Oasis Cafe in Stillwater Minnesota, photos by The Culinary Portfolio

Your weekend isn’t complete without a breakfast bloody mary. Oasis Cafe‘s signature clamato based in-house mix has the right amount of zip to chase with a Miller High Life shorty.

Give a good morning wave to the Huevos Rancheros plated like a painting with roasted poblano coriander coulis and framed with a blue tortilla shell. Packed with goodness, your morning can be off to a great start with two basted eggs, pulled pork, skillet potatoes, black bean relish, and queso fresco.

Wrap up your weekend away with a morning breakfast burrito full of scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, chorizo sausage, black bean relish, skillet potatoes, queso fresco, a little more of that tasty green poblano puree all cozied up together in a garlic herb wrap with smokey queso sauce and fire roasted salsa.

Quite likely Oasis Cafe‘s most popular dish, the corned beef hash is made in house as in they have their very own brine process that brings out insane meaty flavors. This hearty dish is served with skillet potatoes, onions, celery, heavy cream and topped with two eggs and toast.

Crave Stillwater, yet? This classic diner is set into the limestone bluffs entrance of Main Street Stillwater, Minnesota with St. Croix river views and excellent proximity to arrive via bicycle since it’s just across the road from the new St. Croix Crossing Loop Trail. Explore downtown Stillwater, then rent a bike and discover this famous stop after your ride. Hearty or healthy, coffee or cocktail Oasis Cafe caters to burger fans or buckwheat gluten free pancake seekers.

The Tilted Tiki

324 S. Main St. Stillwater, MN 55082

The Tilted Tiki‘s chef just rolled out several new menu items like this seasonal fish dinner. Pictured here is mahi mahi a top a mashed potato patty and dolloped with a mango habanero aoli and red peppers.

The Tilted Tiki tropical bar and lounge is your rum cocktail destination. If you need a refreshing drink that takes you away from winter or a sweet happy hour, this is your place. As they say, “our drinks are strong, citrusy, and rum-forward”. The hurricane is the famous drink of New Orleans mixing lemon and passion fruit rounded out with husky dark rum. There are so many cocktails to crave on Stillwater’s Main Street!

A Mai Tai is a slightly tart citrusy drink. It’s the result of shaken rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup (an almond nutty flavor), and lime juice, associated with paradise vacation settings. You’ll find 13 varieties at the Tilted Tiki from spicy to mai tai-rita twist to one made with a Minnesota spiced Rum – Alander Mai Tai.

Here’s a feel-good meal decision that will brighten your day with the healthy color pallet and amazing flavors. The tropical tilted poke bowl is laid over brown rice with pineapple, green onions, red pepper, snow peas, shredded cabbage and mixed greens. Served with your choice of sauce like the mango jerk sauce and your protein pick (chicken, shrimp, tofu, or Beyond plant-based steak or sausage).

Just look at how refreshing this premium Mojito must be with mulled fresh limes, mint, rum, and a touch of sweet. Save a mint leaf for your post dinner breath-freshening and possibly a little spin with your partner during their live music. Check their calendar for daily events and specials to make you escape to the islands any time of the year.

Vegi lovers unite here as well with the plant based paradise menu full of vegan options like this tropical pineapple Beyond burger served on a toasted bun topped with vegan cheese, grilled pineapple and Lau-ai slaw set with sweet potato fries and a Pina Colada sauce.

Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop

131 S. Main St. Stillwater, MN 55082

Discover the classic diner days and take date night to a whole new level by sharing a banana split with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with tons of whipped cream and bright read cherries of course!

The 131 Deluxe Burger features the old fashioned process of hand pressing fresh patties on the flattop grill to sear the ground beef creating that oh-so-juicy classic American cheeseburger we all crave. Signature seasoned sour cream is a welcoming cool dip for the warm salty waffle fries. Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop is Americana at it’s finest with local Midwestern and Minnesota sourced ingredients. Sip a bottled classic Coca-Cola for that nostalgic experience in this locally loved joint.

Grab that sidecar metal cup with extra malt in it and savor the cold sweetness of a strawberry malt or try their deluxe shakes like mocha toffee crunch, fruits of the forest, or unique malt flavors like Nutella or butterscotch. Does your sweet tooth crave Stillwater?

Get comfortable in red booth of Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop with a classic Stilly Cheesesteak sandwich and french fries. Melted Wisconsin cheese and grilled green peppers make for a satisfying lunch break. If you are traveling with kids, this place is a hit as well so check out all the family fun ideas in Stillwater including a stop at Leo’s patio, indoor seating or walk-up ice cream window. Also, if you are in need of a challenge, ask about the double jumbo.

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Downtown Restaurant List

Be sure to be realistic about all the tastes there are to try in downtown Stillwater. This is isn’t just a day trip, better plan a sleepover, a getaway, a vacation, staycation…whatever you want to call it but when you are hungry or thirsty, think Stillwater, MN. Stillwater has so many new places to stay as well, so check your calendar and consider it soon:

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