Celebrate Your Independents July 1-7. Shop in Stillwater

Stillwater’s Main Street Independent Business Alliance (Mainstreet Stillwater MN) is joining other organizations nationwide to #celebrate the great locally owned small #businesses who exemplify the uniqueness of Stillwater, #Minnesota. Did you know that the vast majority of our 100+ downtown shops, attractions, hotels & restaurants are locally owned?

🛍🇺🇸”Celebrate Your Independents Week” is July 1st-July 7th. Take time to shop and dine to say thank goodness we have this spirit of #entrepreneurship, individuality, #charm, and #character! Each business gives back to the #community with time, talents, goods and services fulfilling our community’s need. We are also recognizing the independence of our #customers– your ability to think and act for themselves and embrace their part in shaping our beautiful city!
We invite #locals and #guests to visit historic #downtown #StillwaterMinnesota to Celebrate your #Independents with us!!!

Find complete shops & #boutiques list at 👉🏼https://www.DiscoverStillwater.com/shopping.

Here’s just a quick birds eye view from a stroll today… step inside just one of the 50 boutiques and you’ll be delighted with what you find!!!

Discover Stillwater