City Pages in Minneapolis Awards Stillwater

City Pages announced their Best Of 2016 Awards and Stillwater was selected for two!

Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests
When your sister and her family fly in from Cleveland, it’s not an easy call. You need a one-stop destination that spans all ages and interests. You need a place that speaks to both active and sedentary. What you need is Stillwater. Minnesota’s oldest city has been named one of the 10 Prettiest Towns in America by Forbes. Along the pristine St. Croix River, the energetic can canoe, kayak, bike, or hike. For the more leisurely, there are wineries and breweries, boutiques and antiques, plus bars and restaurants galore. For the more intellectually inclined, there’s some of the finest old architecture Minnesota has to offer, plus historical trolley tours that take you back to the state’s days on the frontier. And for the little ones, there’s even Teddy Bear Park, featuring a tree house, slides, magicians, and, yes, giant teddy bears. ~City Pages Minneapolis

Best View – Pioneer Park 
As far as parks go, Pioneer isn’t much to brag about. This small patch of land nestled in a residential neighborhood offers picnic shelters, a playground, an old-time band shell, and a few grills. But its true value is its perch on the bluffs overlooking downtown Stillwater and the majestic St. Croix River beyond. This is one of the country’s most protected waterways, its banks north of town unspoiled by billboards, Holiday Inns, and lighted beacons for Home Depot. In a metro area that tends to be a tad short of scenic topography, Pioneer’s view of Stillwater’s historic center, the shimmering river, and the wooded hills of western Wisconsin will keep you serene and captivated.~City Pages Minneapolis

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