2020 Discover Stillwater Photo Contest

It’s finally here. Thank you for your patience as we are delayed and running things a wee bit different this year for our photo contest due to staff and funding shortages. Never fear, photography love is still here. We absolutely love our annual photo contest and know that many of you look forward to it as well.

So here’s the scoop… the Discover Stillwater 2020 Photo Contest is now open now through October 31st. We’ve extended the contest farther into autumn this year so we hope you can capture great fall shots! What better social distancing activity than you and your camera (or fabulous phone) just strolling around the beautiful historic riverfront district of Stillwater, Minnesota. Snap, enter and cross your fingers you will win!

This year, we are keeping it simple with prizes and voting as well. Cash money! That’s all anyone needs in crazy covid 2020 anyway so you can look forward to the possibility of $100-$300 dollars as your winnings. Our Board of Directors will narrow down the list to the Top 25, then throw it to the online public to choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd place!

For complete photo contest details, entry page, and a peek at past year’s winners, visit: www.DiscoverStillwater.com/photo-contest.

Good luck everyone!

Discover Stillwater